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You’re an expert with a book in you, but you’re not a writer? Need help to create a PowerPoint presentation from a speech? Got an academic article to publish but have no time to assemble your research and put it to paper? I’ve been involved in professional collaborations for more than 20 years. I’ll work with you from the start of your project. Or if you prefer, I’ll take your first draft, help you fill in the gaps in research and referencing, and polish work your into a finished product.

Examples of Collaboration

The rules of professional collaboration require that I protect my clients’ identities. Everything I do collaboratively with an expert, however, adheres to strict ethical practices; the core concepts, the primary research, and the opinions expressed are those of the author whose name appears on the article, book, or slide deck. I simply help the author put his or her expertise, findings, or conclusions into words.

In recent years, my professional collaborations have included such projects as:

  1. A book for parents of children who are bullied in school

  2. Medical and legal articles published in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, and magazines

  3. Power Point presentations for speakers on healthcare policy, pharmaceutical, and legal topics

  4. White papers for key opinion leaders on topical issues

  5. Executive speechwriting

  6. Op-ed articles published in major newspapers