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At the cost of inflating your ego, this is the best and most provocative article I’ve seen on defined care [“Is Time Running Out for HMOs?”, Managed Care]. It raises key issues in a way that I think people can grasp. It ought to make everyone a bit more nervous and, hopefully, will start more of a dialogue among your audience. You did a very good job. Can you ask the publisher to send me extra copies when it comes out? I would like to send this to some of “the powers that be.”

— Health care consultant, Berkeley, Calif.

Thanks for the copy of the article [“Obesity,” Managed Care]. It really looks great! You did some really fine reportage on a complex and important topic. Congratulations! I hope you hear from others as well.

— Director of a health advocacy organization, Washington

Mike, you excel at your craft — it is certainly rare that I’ve been involved in that extensive an interview and couldn’t find even one quote that didn’t sound right. I think you wrote an excellent article [“Prescription Drug Reimportation: Panacea or Problem?”, Managed Care].

— President of a managed care news service, Modesto, Calif.

Mike, this is a great piece [“Prescription Drug Reimportation: Panacea or Problem?”, Managed Care]. It’s the best report on the topic yet from an employee benefit plan perspective. In fact, it’s the only one I know that gets into this detail and insight.

— Vice President of employee benefit consulting firm, New York

This is really a great article [“Genetic Medicine: Powerful Opportunities for Good and Greed,” Managed Care]. It is a complex topic that you did a masterful job in simplifying.

— President of a company that produces “report cards” on physician care, Philadelphia

Mike, Just wanted you to know that the 1/2 dozen copies of the August issue arrived this morning. I know I saw the pre-printed draft of the story, but it looks even better seeing in print! My boss and our SVP are both thrilled, as am I, with how it turned out.

— Vice president of corporate communications for a national managed care organization